episod cite kegemaranku!!!!!!! Friday, October 10, 2008

episod 1-10...

1:highschool is a once in lifetime experience,do no wast it!...That zealous teacher has returned!
2:a person's power is not decided by his physical strength,there's a much more important thing within.
3:you guys are my one-and-only students!!How can i desert you????
4:don't compare your life with someone else's..!!
5:what's important is the strength of tour heart!!
6:think more about your parent's feelings!!
7:think seriously about your lie.
8:i will always be your teacher.
9:father and son's bond of tears.
10:be proud to graduate!!yakumi and class 3-d,tearful goodbye.


bratz gUrl...~ said...

hah..? x bape phm laa..hihi