debate! Friday, April 16, 2010


act,i am waiting for my grandparent,
they will come here,
for what?
to take me to their home,
this week my parent not at home,
they have a camp,
so,i will stay at desa skudai,
from today untill this sunday,
haha,,njoy my day,,

ok3,,act,this week de competition,
competition debate uia,
i hope i can go,
but,i can't,
syai go there as observer,
teror right?hehe,,
syai,good luck for you..!ahakz!
let me list u,
list form 2 that go uia as observer,

debate english:-
-maryam liyana
-ahmad danial
-mohd noor waiz

debate bm:-
-syaima' amatullah
-wan ahmad luqman

haha,that all,they are great,
okey3,,that all,,
bye3..see u!