fb3 Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i am home!
happy u know,
online fb,
but don't what to do wth my fb,
i am bored with my fb,haha,
y people always suggest a friend for me,
sometimes i will accept it,
but can they stop from doing that,
i have more than 500 friends at my fb,
i like it,
they are the one who add me,
not i add them,
huhu,i accept them,
but not all la,
i told my uncle that i am already bored wth fb,
n then he suggest me to cmnt photo at my friend's fb,
i think it was a good idea,
but i will do it later,hehe,
not now la,
i love blogging right now,
no idea right now,hoho,
i think today was a bad day,
but not so bad like ysrtday,
i called syai tonight,
we talked about debate n my blog,
haha,i told her about my private blog,
i asked her wether she still remember my password or not,
n she said"yes",
that all!