morning! Wednesday, March 17, 2010


was watching mutiata,
last night slept around 2:15 am,
late right..?
huhu,u know why i slept late,
it was because..
jeng jeng jeng,
haha,it was because around 12:35 i got 1 message,
on that time i was reading,
my mum bought a new book for me,
u are so lucky friend!
coz i am not sleep yet coz i was reading,
if i already sleep,
i won't reply ur mcj,
forget about that,
chatting with my beloved nuna,
my beloved nuna is nur mus'ifah,
i called her nuna,
she called me dongsaeng,
hehe,i am young right?huhu
we talked about our batch,
huhu,should i tell at here now..?
next post jela,